{hive inspection}

Glad to have Scott along for my latest hive inspection!

The ladies calm quickly with a little puff of cedar chip smoke from the smoker.


The bees appeared happy and busy, and the Queen continues to lay healthy brood.

After such a dry summer, there isn’t quite enough reserve for a honey harvest yet. A simple & poetic reminder: sweet things come to those who wait.  

{bee checkin}

Friday was an excellent day for a hive inspection. My sister accompanied/assisted and my bro Josh helped us carry our supplies out to the hive.

I love this photo! It makes me think of Back to The Future, when Marty dresses like a space alien to scare his dad into asking out his mom. “I am Darth Vader, an extra-terrestrial from the planet Vulcan.”


We saw happy honey bees and uncappped honey.

We spied new brood (bottom right). We even saw the queen!

Happy Monday, friends! May your week be sweet.

{Bee Update}

5 days after installing our bees, I set out to do a hive inspection to see how the girls were settling in.

My mom came along to meet the hive, and here she is holding a frame of bees for the first time even though it made her a bit nervous. She is brave!

The ladies didn’t mind me messing with their house. They mostly ignored me entirely and just kept humming to each other happily – chatting about bee things.

This frame is their biggest project so far. Can you see the comb that they are building on the wax base? They also seem to have made themselves a tiny door. Such smartypants!

Happy weekend, brave ones! Will you be busy building anything this week?